With local goverments in developing countries inability to meet up with the responsibility and delivery of municipal  recycling , solid & liquid waste service, BolaBird has been developed to involved the community effectively in resolving this problem with the use of its cloud based enterpirse technology platform which connects local waste haulers and recycling business to customers who need thier services.

Who we serve

After all, we’re part of the community, too so if we can take the opportunity to make things better, we’ll all have an environment  be proud of. We process residential solid / liquid waste and recycling services to thousands of families and neighborhoods every day via our network of partners on our cloud based platform.

Creating a pleasant environment for diners is important to restaurants and other food service establishments. Unsightly trash containers and odour problems translate directly to lost revenue. How  waste is managed is one of the many factors that impact the ability to attract customers, contain operating expenses and enhance your bottom-line profits. We have complete waste and recycling solutions for all your food service needs.
Property Management
Property Management Waste & Recycling Solutions

Complex needs require a simple solution.
Property managers are under increased pressure to make wise decisions about their facilities in order to attract and retain tenants and stay within their operating budget. How you manage your waste streams is one of many factors that impact your ability to meet your tenants’ needs and enhance your bottom-line profits.

With BolaBird, we can help you do just that. We’re flexible enough to meet unique needs of property managers for:
•Retail Centers
•Office Parks
•Industrial Office Condos
•Localized customer service
•Custom container colors
•Recycling services
•Bulk collection
•Recycling education and training programs

Leisure & Hospitality
Waste & Recycling Solutions For Hotels

Check in to our waste-collection services.
A hotel is a home away from home for your guests. We can make it feel that way by maintaining your property that is both tidy and inviting.

We know it’s a home away for your customers.
As a hotel proprietor, you have high expectations for cleanliness. After all, you want your guests to feel right at home. Rest assured, no one appreciates a clean environment like we do. Which is why we will develop waste and recycling solutions to fit your individual property needs and cater to your guests, so they’ll come back time and again.

Construction & Demolition Waste Solutions

Constructive solutions for your construction needs.
BolaBird understands the unique situations and time constraints the construction industry faces. In fact, one of our strengths is our ability to be flexible and adapt to your needs. Have additional requests? Give us a call; we specialize in problem solving.

•Roll-off containers for construction and demolition debris and recycling
•Dumpsters for the construction office and new tenants for solid waste and recycling

Waste Solutions For Colleges & Universities
We’re smart when it comes to clean.
Every school’s environmental service needs are different. That’s why we develop waste and recycling solutions customized to your campus. We’ll conduct a waste audit to determine where waste diversion and recycling may impact your bottom-line, and provide you with sustainability initiatives that will have your school run  efficiently as possible. That way you’ll have the time and money to focus on  important items – shaping the minds of your students.

Bolbird is proud to be the environmental services partner for many colleges and universities. We love to talk trash and have developed several customized waste and recycling initiatives for our higher education partners.

Healthcare Waste Management Solutions
Health conscious solutions
Safety is extremely important to us, and we know that in the health care profession, it’s vital to protect your employees’ and patients’ health and well-being. So everything we do — from safely managing your waste stream directly and through certified specialty subcontractors, to disposing of proprietary information through certified document shredding — is done with the goal of safeguarding your people, all while helping you achieve your sustainability objectives and control costs.

Entertainment & Special Event Waste Solutions

We’ll help set the stage for a great performance.
Big events take a lot of time and effort to produce, and the last thing you want to worry about or notice is a mess to pick up. When we manage the waste and recycling collection at your event, we take care of everything. Plus, we have the experience and resources to handle any size of event for every budget, from the local league and sports tournaments to marathons, musical concerts, annual holiday celebrations and festivals.