How it works

How do I get started with BolaBird?
Sign up after free download from   Apple Store and Google Play Store .

How does the BolaBird app work?

•Step 1 (Request & Pay): Users with any type of waste ready request a vehicle instantly or schedule it for later time. Payments can be made by Cash or Mobile Money.
•Step 2 (Matching): As soon as the request is made, a notification about users details is sent to the nearest driver/hauler/partner.
•Step 3 (Pickup): Customer can track the vehicle when it is arriving and the ETA is also shown to the customer.
•Step 4 (Rating): Once the pickup is over, customer gets an option to rate the partner/driver. Rating system is an important part of BolaBird’s business model as it lets a person know about the partner/driver before booking a pickup and helps resolves trust issues.

What kind of waste do our partners pick?
Right now our partners pick solid and liquid waste. We’ll be expanding to more types of waste, moving forward!

How do I get in touch with you if I have a problem?
Please get in touch with our support team by email or call . or call 0540622149 / 0208668487

Drivers / Partners/Haulers
Owners of  tricycle,mid size truck, Garbage Truck,liquid waste Truck  sign up after download. After verification of  partner/driver onboarding documents account gets approved – typically , within a few  hours!