How do I get started with BolaBird?
The BolaBird app is a free and available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, You must sign up before you can start using.
If you have trash available, download Bolabird Customer app from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

What kind of waste do our partners pick?
Right now our partners pick solid and liquid waste. We’ll be expanding to more types of waste moving forward!

How do I get in touch with you if I have a problem?
Please get in touch with our support team by email.
support@bolabird.com or call



Drivers / Partners

If you have your own Tricycle, mid size truck, Garbage Truck, liquid waste Truck, you can sign up here. Then we will contact you to submit your partner/driver onboarding documents and get started as soon as we approve you – typically, within a few days! If you drive for a waste management company, please ask your Employer to sign up before you can use BolaBird.

Why should I sign up?
BolaBird is focused on you: We value our trash owners,local governments, waste management organizations and their drivers, and are seeking to bring increased flexibility and transparency to the waste management industry. We are also striving to provide high quality service and support to waste management organizations and entities with trash/refuse.

BolaBird is less hassle: Our goal is to remove the hassles of waste management (delays in pickup, long paperwork, high rates, missing of pick up deadlines, refuse littered all over the place, choked gutters, etc.) and connect you to appropriate partner.

How do I get started with BolaBird?
You’ll first need to sign up and tell us about yourself. To sign up you’ll download the app from Playstore or Apple store, submit your insurance ( if applicable), and give us your banking information (if you have one) so we can pay you! – we’ll be expanding to more equipment types soon!

What information does BolaBird require?
• Active Driver’s license (If applicable).
• National ID card (If applicable).
• Passport Size picture, which can be uploaded or be taken in person at our office for free.
• Bank Account Information – so we can pay you through direct deposit (optional).
• Photo or Electronic Copy of Certificate of Insurance & Road Worthy.


When do I get paid?
We pay partners Weekly. BolaBird is working on getting you paid sooner – stay tuned!

Who is eligible and how do I sign up?
Anyone can download the BolaBird app free of charge. The app can only be used to book solid /liquid waste by partner/drivers upon approval. As a partner/driver, you can sign up, submit your information, and once you’re approved you start right away. It’s that simple!!!

What if I have more questions that are not answered here?
Please get in touch with our team by email (partners@bolabird.com)
or call 0540622149 / 0208668487

Faster pay, no management fees
No more waiting 30-90 days to get paid.
Just drive and we’ll pay within 14 days.